Meet the Team


Gene Juarez Men’s Manager, Premier Men’s Designer, Gene Juarez Men’s Educator, Creative Collab Member

Amanda grew up in Snohomish and has spent her entire 12-year career at Gene Juarez as a Men’s Designer. She takes a man’s hair type, face shape, body type and lifestyle into account when cutting their hair.


Premier Men’s Designer

Jack is from Seattle and has been a hairdresser for 10 years. Six of those years have been spent at Gene Juarez, where he enjoys classic cuts, fades, modern styles and cuts on all hair types and textures.


Premier Men’s Designer

Abby was born in Romania and has lived in the states for the past 16 years. She’s spent all 10 of her years as a hairdresser at Gene Juarez and always strives to please her clients no matter what they ask for.


Premier Men’s Designer

Jo is originally from Columbus, OH and has spent all five of her years as a hairdresser at Gene Juarez. She loves accentuating the styles her clients have and building off of their natural texture to create an effortless style. Jo was also chosen by 425 Business Magazine as one of the “30 Under 30” for her achievements as a Designer at Gene Juarez Men.


Men’s Designer

Erin is originally from the Midwest but now lives in Bellevue. She’s been with Gene Juarez for eight years but has worked in the industry for 17. Erin loves transformations and appreciates fashion-forward haircuts. But, of course, she welcomes all styles and types of hair into her chair!


Men's Designer

Val is from Tacoma, WA and has been a hairdresser for four years. She’s been with Gene Juarez for three and half years and enjoys working with all hair types. Fun fact: She is GJ Men’s only certified Curl Expert!